Friday, November 4, 2011

A first glance

 Västra Frölunda is a team that used to be something. They were playing in the top division, competing for the citizens of Gothenburg’s support. 1998 was their best year, finishing 5th in Allsvenskan, that’s the top division in Sweden.
But from there it’s been all downhill. Look at their history…

It must be sad for their supporters to see the team descend from each division and never really fighting for promotion. Now they’re in Division 2, that’s not even in the picture.
Also, no trophies.
I need to change that. 

The squad
I’ve taken a first glance at the squad, and it’s not a pretty sight. I guess most good players left when they were relegated last year so I’m left with the left-overs. I’ve got 23 players, the youngest is 15 and the oldest is 35, not anyone really stands out. I have two players that are worth €20K each, but I can’t really see why.

If we want to challenge for promotion, then we really need to strengthen our squad. I’ve only received €8,5K from the board to use on transfers, and our wage budget is already in the red. I need to let a few players go, and bring in some on loans if I want to manage a good position and a good economy.
I know they are our rivals, but IFK Göteborg has some players that are too good to just be in their reserves.  If I could bring one or two, and they don’t even have to move cities, it would be great. I’ll look in to that.

First Fixtures
Our first few fixtures for the pre-season see us visit neighbouring teams Götene IF and KF Velebit for friendlies. Then we get visits from Skeid, Norway and from Frederikshavn, Denmark. After that we also make a trip to Denmark to take on Lindholm before my first derby as the Västra Frölunda manager: Assyriska BK, the team we also share the stadium with. It’s a friendly, so I don’t expect any harsh words before the game. Though I would like to win it of course. Last friendly before the season starts is against Oddevold, also a team close to Gothenburg.

I added the first to fixtures from the league too, as our first fixture is a derby away to Lindome GIF. It will be a great way to start the season. Our first home fixture is to IS Halmia at Ruddalen.